Wednesday, June 16

Rain, Rain Go Away

Noelle and Ty want to go out and play! Noelle has been dying to go the Farm and makes sure to tell me every single time we pass by it.  Which happens to be numerous times a day: when we drop Ty off at the sitter, drive back home, pick him up, and drive back home again, or go to the pool since it's right next door. 

Well, yesterday, it was do or die.  We were going to the farm rain or shine.  I promised.  It was drizzling when we arrive but the kids didn't mind at all.  We started at the petting zoo and just as I knew he would, Ty tried to kiss every animal in sight.  And if he wasn't trying to plant one on them, they were flocking to him. GROSS.

The goats were a little skittish, probably due to the impending storm that was headed our way and it really freaked Noelle out.  As they raced around the pen, she kept one arm in front of her face :-)  The only thing she would pet was the pony.

Ty loved the miniature horse.  His face says it all.

We then headed over to watch the goats get fed.  The kids loved every second of it.  Ty just kept saying "AWWW AWWW". 

They played at the (wet) park for a bit, terrorized some ducks, and pet the horses.

That was about when the torrential downpour hit. We ran to the car and were pretty much soaked through and through. When we got home, I figure I might as well let the kids play in the rain for a bit.  It was coming down so hard, you can barely see Ty in the last shot ....

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