Thursday, June 24

The Pool Rules

Dear Ty and Noelle,

I think the part of summer you like the best is all the pool time we are getting in.  We go in the morning before nap to "tot time".  Only the kiddie pool is open that early, but it's perfect for us right now.  Ty, you enjoy trying to drink the water any chance you get and are doing a great job of getting in and out of the pool by yourself. 

Noelle, you recently found some courage to go down the water slide. Once you realize how much fun it was, there was no stopping you!!  Now it's by far your favorite thing to do at the pool.  You do a good job waiting your turn and making sure it's all clear before you slide down.  And you don't hesitate to tell anyone who cuts in line, "that is NOT NICE.  You have to wait your turn."  I love your new found assertiveness!

You also like to play swim teacher and tell me what to do...front floats, back floats, blowing bubbles, putting my chin in the water. The list goes on. Here you are demonstrating your alligator kicks for me.

You both enjoy snack breaks too. I thought it would be impossible to get you both out of the water; however, when you are hungry, you are HUNGRY.  One (or both) of you usually gets out of the pool and runs over to ransack the cooler.  Fresh fruit is always a big hit!

And perhaps the best part of all the pool time we are enjoying, is the rock solid naps you guys are taking!  Both of you are zonked out for 3-4 hours after pool time and I am definitely not complaining! 

Love you both,

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