Tuesday, June 8

Race Time!

On Memorial Day, Jeremy, the kids, and I headed up to my old neighborhood and got ready to race in a 5k.  For my brother, David, and I, this would be our second annual run. I found the race shortly after I had Ty last year and signed up to force myself to get into shape and get the baby weight off.  I thought this was a good race, since I knew the area and they had a kids dash- perfect for Noelle.  I remember right after signing up, David called me in a hysterical fit of laughter saying that he read online this race "contained the highest hill in Chicago."  I was so NOT looking forward to it.

Race day came and went, I ran best I could, walked up the HILL(S), and finished in a halfway decent time for someone who just had a baby 3 months prior. 

When I got the race registration email for the 2010 race, I was pretty excited to avenge the course.  I had just finished training for my half marathon, so what's a hilly 5k after 13.1 miles of insane torture?

Here's a shot of me and my little (well not so little, I guess!!) brother pre-race.

Here we are again at the start of the race...

Finishing strong- course PR shaved 3:45 off my time!!

Running with Noelle in the kids dash....

David, my niece Ella, Me, and Noelle post-race.

It was a hot, humid, muggy Chicago day, but we all ran tough.  Looking forward to next year.  David and I are planning our goals now-  he wants to be top 150 overall, I want to be top 3 in my age group and get some hardware to wear around :-) 

Sleepy head Noelle.  Sometimes it's hard to tell if she is faking or not, but when we said "WHOA look at all those barbies!!!" and she kept sleeping, we knew she was out!

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