Monday, June 21

The Best Dad of All

Dear Noelle and Ty,

Do you guys know that you have the greatest Daddy in the world?  I see those silly t-shirts, mugs, picture frames, you name it with that saying on it.  You know the kind- written with bright primary colors, in a kids shaky handwriting, with one or two letters invariably written backwards.  I would always think, gosh those are so ridiculous.  Who wastes money on that sort of stuff?  Honestly, I have yet to buy any of the merchandise (ok, I did buy a #1 Dad picture frame, but it's very tasteful!), but I really do think you two have the best Daddy a kid could have.

Noelle- you are a complete Daddy's girl through and through.  There is nothing he can do wrong and you have him wrapped around your little finger. He watches "hana tana" with you and can always be counted on to come in, calm you down, rub your back and help you get to sleep on the nights you are overtired and screaming like a crazy lady :-) You are the light of his life and pal around with him doing everything and anything.  A father-daughter relationship is so special and unique!

Ty- you are Daddy's all star and daredevil.  It's so wonderful to watch how excited Daddy gets when he's showing you how to throw a ball, or swing your bat.  He has so many hopes for you and I know that he will help make all your dreams come true. 

Daddy has the patience of a saint and is the steady rock in our family.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) you two have my stubborn streak and temper.  Without fail, Daddy's knows just what to say and do and never gets stressed out.  He takes initiative around the house, whether it be with laundry, baths, getting a meal started, cleaning up, going grocery shopping, changing poopy diapers, you name it.  Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we are to have him!!  Your Daddy is a special guy and I know you feel that way too!

To celebrate, we went to the annual Knight Family picnic at State Farm Park and played in the water park nonstop.  We ate tons of great homemade food and you two loved Grandma's beans and cucumbers from the garden. Ty you also packed away THREE hot dogs. After we got home, Daddy took you, Noelle, fishing in our lake and you guys caught two fish!! I tried to sneak some pics of you from the kitchen window, but you saw me right away! I couldn't believe how dirty you were when you got back, but you were all smiles.  Nothing beats a day of fun and love in the sun!

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