Friday, June 11

Holy Molars Batman

Dear Ty,

Despite having a super awesome Friday Funday, you weren't you're usual self today.  You'd be fine one minute and then without warning, you'd have a major meltdown.  The worst was after the pool when you were foaming at the mouth in the middle of the driveway for all the neighbors to see.  That was fun. Thank you!

Anyways, I found the culprit as we were playing later on this evening.  Or should I say culprits.  TWO molars are pushing their way through.  OUCH.  I can't wait until you are old enough to tell me when something hurts.  It'll make both of our lives much easier.  Until then, I'll keep a steady supply of Tylenol and Motrin in your diet.  And maybe some freeze pops too!!

That brings your tooth count to 10 total. Congrats Ty-Ty!!
Love you,

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